It’s A Dog’s Day

Dog Boarding Kennels

Most dogs have a great time at the Kennels. Dogs are provided with bricked kennels offering both fresh air and undercover rest/sleeping area.

All dogs get plenty of opportunity to exercise. Hammock beds are supplied along with blankets in Winter. You are welcome to bring a toy or dog blanket from home but nothing too precious. Coats for dogs in Winter are also strongly recommended.

The day starts with a morning meal then out into the grassy area for exercise and a potter around. A midday snooze is followed by another run. A large tasty bone or chicken wing is served later in the afternoon to ensure a satisfied tummy overnight.

All our Kennels have been freshly painted and provide a secluded area for dogs that like their privacy, or we have Kennels that are for the more social and like to see what activity is on the days agenda.


Please always bring your dog in on a lead and let us know if they are social or not and we will aim to find a perfect comfortable spot that will reduce stress and anxiety during their stay.
We do not exercise dogs together unless they are from the same family.

We have a selection of pet foods available but generally a chicken or beef roll is served with a generous supply of biscuit. Tinned Pedigree is available if preferred. Medications are also catered for, from a diabetic dog to epileptic or straight up allergies. Please make sure medications are labelled on arrival.

We ask that all dogs arriving for boarding at the Kennels have some form of flea and tick prevention applied before arrival.

Don’t take our word for it – read what some of our customers have said!

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